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Remote Rx Staffing is a pharmacy services company offering solutions to your staffing difficulties.

Is your hospital unable to provide pharmacy services due to lack of pharmacists, prohibitive costs or unmanageable hours?  Perhaps you are looking to fill the gap for after-hours pharmacy services, but such services are just not possible. Don’t lose hope!

Our mission is to provide you with consistent, high quality, cost-effective pharmacy coverage.  We service hospitals of all sizes, rural or urban.

With advances in technology and telecommunications, we are able to supplement, extend and enhance pharmacy services via remote access into your hospital systems.

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Remote RX Staffing can assist with your staffing difficulties. With higher standards for accreditation and increased focus on medication safety coupled with labor shortages and budgetary constraints, hospitals today are faced with great expectations.

Remote RX Staffing, LLC, is a unique and innovative pharmacy services company specializing in off-site prescription order verification to assist with pharmacy staffing challenges to hospitals of all sizes.

Our pharmacists directly connnect to your hospital pharmacy processing system via a secure connection and verify and profile medication orders.